How to visualize position data shown under DVTOOL
Version from Dec. 19th 2009

It's quite simple to visualize position data received from some stations and shown in DV TOOL data window.
This can be done by using GOOGLE EARTH ( program must be installed separately ):

* mark LAT, LON position data within one of shown NMEA sentences ( GGA, RMC or GLL ) [1].
* copy text sequence by using right mouse buttom ( There is a problem in case new data will be received while doing this. In this cases it's better to DISCONNECT before. Another solution could be, taking the needed sequences out of already saved files. )   
* paste text sequence into entering field of GOOGLE EARTH [2]
* modify it like shown in this sample: 
  must be changed to:
  50 40.6034 N 009 13.6455 E
( in a similar way also data received in GPS-A format can be modified )
* push buttom [3]
* GOOGLE EARTH will center to position according to given data [4]

Good Luck
Klaus, DJ7OO
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